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Adult Class

성인반 (Adult Class)


St. Andrew Kim Korean School has been offering adult classes since 2007 with a partial support from the Korean Education Center in Washington DC. The adult class is targeted for the adult American students who are interested in learning Korean and Korea’s historical and cultural heritages. This special program is an extension of Korea’s outreach efforts as Korea is rapidly globalizing economically, culturally, and politically. The adult class at St. Andrew Kim Korean School is open to anyone who wants to learn Korean and know about Korea and Korean people.

Our adult classes are taught by experienced instructors and the educational program includes various special activities (e.g. making Kimchi, Korean foods, and joining traditional Korean cultural events).



2017 Fall-2018 Spring Class Registration Form

(Submit to:


Tuition: $100/semester (excluding materials) + snack fees ($20)

50% discount: Descendants of Korean War veterans, parents of Korean adopted children


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What You Learn in SAKKS Adult Class

The first SAKKS Adult Class was offered in the Fall Semester of 2008 . The adult class consists of the second generation Korean-American students and those whose native tongue is English. The student body is quite diverse: college students, homemakers, medical doctors, lawyers, teachers, and professors.


We offer the adult classes for beginners and advanced beginners.  The main focus of the class will be on reading, speaking, and writing Korean. The students will also be exposed to Korean customs, history, and culture through various educational resources and activities. The classroom teaching is based on the textbook developed by Sogang University in Korea. Teachers also prepare own teaching materials to meet the needs of the students.


For further information, please email us: